Banksy Museum - Banksy's permanent exhibition in Barcelona

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Permanent exhibition in Barcelona

THE BANKSY MUSEUM takes you on an enchanting journey with Banksy, the master of the streets, who has become a world-famous artist.

Banksy Museum in Barcelona

After the success of the exhibition The World of Banksy in Paris, we bring you to Barcelona the master of Street art. Already consecrated as a world-renowned artist, Banksy has nevertheless managed to preserve his anonymity while continuing to shock us regularly with murals and happenings of all kinds. Come and discover more than 130 works of Banksy at the BANKSY MUSEUM in Barcelona, and enjoy a unique immersive experience.

the son of a migrant from syria jungle de calais france december 2015 bansky museum
" The son of a Syrian migrant " by Banksy, 2015, France.